The new version of Geocoding API is released

The CloudMade Team is proud to release Geocoding v3 beta, the latest version of geocoding API services, designed to provide our users with even better data, search features and language options.

We’ve tried to take into consideration all the feedback from our users. So we’d like to share some key improvements of Geocoding v3 beta with you:

- Fuzzy search with better algorithm of error-tolerance
- Latest data with possibility to search through the different sources
- Handy query language with language choice
- Better data format

Our pricing for geocoding services has not changed:

- $15 per 100,000 transactions and first 100,000 transactions are free each month.

We hope that you enjoy Geocoding v3 beta!

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Directions Magazine: How CloudMade is Shaping the Future of Location Based Services

After we announced the latest version of the CloudMade’s On-Dash platform last month, Directions Magazine caught up with CloudMade founder and VP Product, Nick Black, to ask him a few questions.  You can read the full article here.

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From The San Francisco Quantified Self Meetup

A better writer than me once said, “the future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed”.  He may well have been at the San Francisco Quantified Self Meetup last night, where the future was on display to the 50 or so data geeks and self-trackers who filled the room to hear about the latest in self tracking, measurement and general self-betterment.

Here are three of the highlights:

Breezing – Portal Metabolism Tracking

Breezing is a startup with a device that could dramatically impact the lives of millions of people who live with or with the threat of metabolic syndrome disorders like obesity, diabetes and the plethora of related diseases.  Given that most of the residents of the US will be obsese in the next 20 years, you’ll either be suffering from one of these diseases or you’ll be paying for it through taxes and health care premiums.

The neat little device (pictured below) measures the amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen in that you exhale to give you an accurate reading of you “metabolic rate”, which can basically be summarized as the rate at which your body burns energy.  A comparable test today is costly and time consuming – a test starts at $100 and takes at least 30 minutes and requires a visit to the doctor.  Some of the impacts this device is going to have include:

  • Showing people the ongoing-term benefits of different types of exercise on their own metabolism.  Skipped the gym two weeks in a row? Breath into Breezing to see how your metabolism has slowed down.
  • Showing people the impacts of dietery choices.  Drinking sugary drinks and eating ice cream all day?  Breath into Breezing and see how you metabolism has slowed down.
  • Eat well and exercise well – breath into Breezing and see how you metabolism is a powerhouse, burning more calories to give you more energy and vitality!


No affordable device or convenient set of tests has ever had the potential to make such a clear link between nutrition, exercise and health.  Breezing are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for development.

Somaxis MyoLink – Muscle Tension Tracking

Next up, the Somaxis MyoLink muscle trackers (shown below) have huge potential to help people suffering from workplace injuries like RSI, help Yoga practitioners perfect their moves or help gym-goers get the most out of their weights session.  The neat little sensor attaches to the skin and measures the tention of the muscle. So in the case of an office worker at risk of RSI, the device can alert the wearer to bad posture, bad typing postions and other bad habits.


Notch.Me – Infographics From Your Runs

Other notable talks included, a neat service that creates a cute looking infographic from your RunKeeper or Fitbit data.  We’ll see a lot more services like these in 2013 as they attach to some powerful trends:

  • Consumer preference to use images as a communication and sharing medium
  • Growing ubiquity of personal data & the need to make sense of it
  • The social currency of sharing via Facebook, Twitter and other platforms


What does it all mean?

The Quantified Self movement today feels a lot like the geo-location space did  when it was emerging.  There’s the same energy, optimism and brave new world attitude that existed in the years after GPS selective availability was turned off, making it a viable consumer product, when Google Maps had just been released and it was clear that it was a matter of months until smartphones had GPS and location became ubiquitous.  That optimism spurred countless products, projects, companies, movements and features from OpenStreetMap to Flickr Geotagging to GeoRSS to KML & Google Earth to the now ubiquitous check-in and of course to CloudMade.

At CloudMade we’re supporting the development of the emerging self-tracking, health and fitness movement just like we supported the emerging geo-location movement.  Products like Mapsafe are used by Magellan Active to power an API that gives consumers a cloud repository for fitness data, letting them share it between different apps and services; our Micromap stack is used by device OEMs like Motorola to power their wearable devices.  There’s lots more to come.

This is early days – we’ll return to this theme more and more throughout 2013.  What do you think the future of self-tracking, health and fitness has in store?

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Magellan Announce Android and iOS “SmartGPS” Apps

At the Mobile World Congress this week, Magellan announced the next part of their SmartGPS ecosystem of GPS navigators, apps and websites.  The free apps for Android and iOS will be released in the summer and will compliment the SmartGPS On-Dash navigator.

The apps are powered by CloudMade’s SDKs for iOS and Android and by our Mapsafe and Hybrid Data products.  Let’s take a quick look at the use cases that CloudMade’s On-Dash navigation platform enables:

Magellan SmartGPS Android

  • Free: both apps are free which means they will attract >10x more users than paid apps.  This is a great way for OEMs like Magellan to give their customers a taste of their premium navigation experience via their smartphones.
  • Device to Device: we’re not big fans of sticky notes and bits of paper when it comes to getting an address into your GPS navigator.  We prefer that a passenger in a car can search for the nearest gas station, find a great restaurant in Yelp or Foursquare and then send the address from their smartphone to the SmartGPS navigator, making a safer, easier, more connected driving experience.
  • Connected Ecosystem: the apps are designed to interact with other parts of the Magellan ecosystem.  For example, from the Magellan website a SmartGPS owner can create a wishlist of places to visit on their weekend roadtrip, share and collaborate on that with their friends and family and have their wishlist wirelessly synchronized with their SmartGPS app and GPS navigator.
  • Rich content: the SmartGPS apps come with an exceptionally rich set of content, all available  to search through a single user interface.  Content includes Yelp, Foursquare, Navteq, Traffic, Gas Prices and more.

The apps hit North American stores in the spring and European stores in the summer.

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What’s New At CloudMade

Many people have been asking me lately, about what is happening at CloudMade and where our business is going.

So, as I always love talking about CloudMade, here is the high level view.

We have a lot of extremely exciting activity going on with products in particular (both launched and launching soon) that use our core technologies on the device and inside the application. These are backed by the Hybrid Data and Mapsafe stacks which connect the cloud and the device together.   These range from launched devices with major OEMs in Europe (i.e. Medion and others) to products we expect to hit the shelves soon (i.e. SmartGPS from Magellan). You will be able to buy and use the products in the USA and globally over the next six months. At CloudMade, we are very focused on the On-Dash, In-Dash, Fitness & Outdoor and Truck&Fleet markets with activities and projects in each of these areas. Our passion is about location enabled user experiences in these areas and we see a stream of very cool stuff coming.

Our internal development teams in Stuttgart and Kyiv are totally engaged in projects with our partners, and through these projects bringing these new products to life.

In the application space, we see continued innovation around the Leaflet open source project and in the use of both OSM and commercial data sets with our web services to create new and compelling consumer experiences.  This ranges from small research projects to significant games to major transport agencies using our cloud to power their solutions.

As for where this is all going, I expect that, with our partners, we will continue to innovate and produce new user experiences in the embedded and application space that will combine the cloud and the real world in compelling ways.  And along the way we will build a smarter Cloud and infrastructure that supports, enables and connects these solutions.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks and months.


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Better for users, game developers and brands

CloudMade has found a way to add value for people playing mobile games, generate additional revenue for game developers and create a very compelling way for brands to drive retail traffic and revenue.

cute guy with a phone

Mobile games are a huge marketing opportunity
Millions of users are having fun playing mobile games every day. This creates a huge marketing opportunity for consumer brands.

Banners are not the perfect solution
The only way brands and game developers are really taking advantage of this huge marketing opportunity is through banner ads adopted from the web. The banners do add revenue for game developers, but most gamers don’t like seeing banners in the middle of their game. In addition, the banners are rarely the right tool for consumer brands and retailers to achieve positive branding, retail traffic and an increase in revenue.

Sponsored Locations
We need to find a tool that ensures that game developers make money and that brands get a great marketing tool in a way that people playing mobile games love.

CloudMade has solved this challenge by talking to leading brands and top game developers and building a service that meets their specific needs. The solution we have come up with is Sponsored Locations.

We look forward to talking to you too
If you are a game developer or a consumer brand that we have not yet talked to about tailoring Sponsored Locations to YOUR needs, we look forward to connecting with you soon. In the meantime, you can learn more about Sponsored Locations here.

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Learning more about developers’ needs at Apps World

Last week at Apps World Conference and Exhibition industry experts and newbies gathered together to discuss the current state and future of mobile applications development. Even the heavy London snow didn’t prevent 2,400 people from attending the show, and it turned out as two excellent days of networking.

With three simultaneous streams (Developer, Marketing and TV, Handset and OEM) the Apps World event aimed to address the entire app ecosystem, and the challenge of development, design and delivery of apps across multiple platforms. Nick Black, CloudMade Co-Founder and Head of Products, spoke at the conference on how location is helping to create and monetize outstanding apps.

adtech_photo 2

CloudMade also exhibited in Developers Zone where we were busy meeting with new and existing developers.

We are always looking for new ways to meet with developers and understand how we can help you build better user experiences and increase your revenue. You can help us by sending information about any interesting events you plan to attend to

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App Gallery Update: featuring new cool apps and presenting more categories

Another update of our App Gallery brings some new  examples of impressive CloudMade-powered apps and shows how location continues to enhance user experiences for web and mobile services. The range of applications presented in our app gallery is becoming really wide, and it now includes such categories as Navigation, Travel, Business, Reference, Healthcare and Fitness, Utilities, Entertainment and Productivity. Here you can see some newly added apps that we’ve found especially interesting.

Fahrtenbuch is a must-have app for anyone who needs to track mileage for tax deduction or reimbursement. This app is the #1 choice “driver’s log” in Germany, and it is the first one to have full iCal integration. CloudMade Geocoding and Routing services have been used in it.


Choosing a restaurant or a bar for the evening? Drinktown will help you to make that choice by telling you about all the food and drink specials near you. The website is updated daily by tens of thousands of members, and it is very easy to use since it allows you to sort data by day of the week, special type or just browse the beautifully styled map to find nearby deals.


With the Next Time iPhone app using reminders has become extremely efficient, since it now takes into account your location. You can create a list of locations and set reminders for those. Next Time will run in the background to alert you of your reminders the next time you’re at the location. The app is using CloudMade Geocoding and Map Tiles.


TrackMyJourney-Mobile is a multi-function recreational navigation and mapping application for Java/J2ME and BlackBerry phones. It receives its location coordinates by communicating via Bluetooth with a separate GPS receiver, or via the phones internal GPS if supported. The data is then sent to TrackMyJourney website where you can then share your location and recorded tracks with your friends. The app uses CloudMade Geocoding, Map Tiles, Routing, StyleEditor and Web Maps API.


French cycling fans might get interested in Geovelo – a cycling route planner that uses OpenStreetMap data and takes into account not only distance, but also safety. Geovelo maps created with CloudMade Style Editor perfectly complement the impressive design of the website.


You can see more location based apps that use CloudMade services in our App Gallery. If you are interested in trying out those free tools and APIs  yourself, sign up to our Developer Zone.  And maybe your outstanding app will be among thoses featured in our App Gallery soon!

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We’ve raised $12.3M in Series B funding!

We’re extremely pleased to announce that we have received $12.3M in a Series B round of funding led by Greylock Partners, which also includes our original investor Sunstone Capital.

This new investment will be used by CloudMade to do two primary things:

  • Expand our support to developers and businesses in building and monetizing apps, products and services that use maps and location – this will supplement our existing developer products which include:  Style Editor, Data Market Place and Navi Studio
  • Building out and adding to our popular suite of consumer mapping products, Mapzen which severely reduce the complexity of mapping for all

We welcome Arnon Dinur, Partner at Greylock to our Board of Directors and look forward to leveraging his expertise. Commenting on the funding Arnon said:

“CloudMade is leading a dramatic change in the way maps and location data are being created, distributed, used and monetized,” said Greylock Partner Arnon Dinur, who joined CloudMade’s Board of Directors as part of this investment. “We believe that consumers and developers’ needs for daily updated maps with greater detail and relevance, will explode in the coming years. Using CloudMade’s platform enables the best return on investment to meet this growth.”

We look forward to continuing supporting developers and the OpenStreetMap community with new innovative products.

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Going for Gold at Mobile World Congress


We recently found out that we’ve been selected as a finalist for the Mobile Premier Awards, the equivalent of the Oscars for mobile start-ups at the world’s largest mobile conference, Mobile World Congress.

The awards replace the popular Mobile Monday Peer Awards from which companies such as Fring, Plazes and Opera have risen to great heights.

This year’s awards have some heavy hitting sponsors including: BlackBerry, 02 Limtus, RCR Wireless, Mashable and Tech Crunch and if past year’s events are anything to go by, will attract the most influential movers and shakers of the mobile industry.


It’s by no means a small feat to be selected as a finalist considering the quality of the other 250 start-ups that were initially chosen, including companies such as Layar and Waze.

CloudMade was voted by the Silicon Valley chapter of Mobile Monday as its nomination for the awards. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the chapter for choosing us and plan to follow through on stage with a compelling presentation when we pitch our products and company to leading VC’s, handset makers, operators and press.

We feel that we’ve made it to the finals because of our unique product offerings, including our comprehensive and flexible mapping platform which is the only one available built solely for developers. It empowers mobile and web developers by giving them the freedom to create exactly the type of apps they envisage, and allows handset vendors and operators to take control of their own destiny, by giving them a key control point for their mobile business to make successful business ventures.

Combine this with our innovative mapping tools that allow anyone to easily contribute to OpenStreetMap, and we’re well on the way to the democratization of geo data and expanding access to it.

Good luck to the other start-ups and we look forward to taking to the stage on February 15th in Barcelona. We hope you can join us.

For more information or to register for The Mobile Premier Awards click here

Here’s more about our latest product offerings:

Data Market Place, a market place offering a wide variety of rich, pre-integrated third-party commercial datasets for developers to add to CloudMade maps.

Navi Studio, a suite of tools that make it simple to build fully featured turn-by-turn navigation apps for all major mobile platforms.

iPhone SDK, allows developers to add customized maps, geocoding and routing to iPhone applications with ease.

Mapzen and Mapzen POI Collector, allow anyone to easily contribute to OpenStreetMap and share their experiences via Facebook and Twitter

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