How to get through the first stage of the job interview process

CloudMade is hiring. We’re looking for Community Ambassadors, Product Managers and a Senior Director of Developer Outreach to join our growing team. The current job market favours employers – there are a lot of highly qualified people looking for work. So how can you make sure that your CV gets in front of the right person and you get your dream job? Here are five tips that will help you get through the first stage of an interview process and get a first interview at your future employer.


Around 10% of the CVs and applications I receive have spelling, grammar or formatting errors in them. No matter what role you are applying for, obvious errors like this are un-professional. The problem is not that you can’t spell. It’s that you have not taken the time or been resourceful enough to make sure that your work is produced to a professional standard. I consider a candidate’s CV to be their first assignment. If they don’t deliver a professional CV, they aren’t going to deliver professional work as an employee. Ask your friends and family to read over your CV and covering letter for you – a fresh set of eyes often spots unseen errors.


Make the hiring manager’s life easy for them. If the job notice asks for CV as a PDF, send a PDF. Give your CV a sensible file name, like joe_blogs_cloudmade_cv.pdf and not jb_cm_cv.pdf. As an employee you wouldn’t want to make your manager’s life difficult, so don’t do it as a candidate.


Address the hiring manager and the company personally. “Dear Sir or Madam” is just lazy. Find out who the hiring manager is. If the job notice does not have this information, call the hiring manager’s PA or the company secretary and find out. Make contact with the hiring manager on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter.


Find out what the company you are applying to does and what they want from the position. If you are applying for a position as a Developer Evangelist and your cover letter and CV do not mention developer evangelism activities you are not going to get through the first round.


If you really, really believe you are right for the job, don’t give up. Maybe your CV or cover letter were not quite right. You’ll never know unless you keep on trying.

Consider your job application your first piece of work for your prospective employer. Really try to think about what they want to see in a candidate and make sure your CV and covering letter sells your unique qualities to your now employer.

The news is full of stories about lay-offs and job cuts – but lots of companies are still hiring. You have to compete with more candidates, so follow these tips and give yourself the edge.

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Update From CloudMade

Its been busy times here at CloudMade. Since I last posted two months ago we’ve been hiring, finding new offices and of course we’ve all found time to go mapping. Here’s a quick update.

New Offices

We’re leaving the leafy Putney suburbs in search of bigger offices. We move into our new offices at the beginning of June – we’ll be having a moving in party at a local pub. Stay posted for details.

CloudMade London Office

We also now have offices in Menlo Park (CA) and in Kyiv.

New to Team

We’ve had a lot of new people join us over the last two months. First to join our London engineering team was Andy Allan, followed by Shaun McDonald, and most recently Matt Amos. Our Kyiv engineering team is bursting from the seams (click through for names):

Engineering is being headed up by Jim Brown. Our Menlo Park office is home to our new Chairman Juha Christensen and our interim VP Products, Christian Petersen, with more to come soon.

CloudMade Mapping Parties

Through our OSM Grants scheme we’ve been sponsoring a few mapping parties. There’s the London Mapping Marathon – a series of mapping events held throughout London over the summer, being run by Shaun with the aim of finishing off the various bits and pieces that still need to be mapped in London. We’ve also been involved with mapping parties in Sutton and San Francisco. There are definitely more mapping parties to come over the summer.


Update We’ve filled all of our internship positions for this year. Keep an eye on this blog for more info about future positions.

We’re still looking for more people to join us in London, including full time and intern positions in the Product Management team, intern positions in Engineering and a full time office manager. Take a look at the careers page for more details.

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We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for developers to join our expanding, London based development team at both Senior and Mid levels. You’ll be working in a team of 5-10 developers on a range of exciting projects. CloudMade are a London-based startup, specialising in OpenStreetMap services. We have some great new projects coming up and are looking for enthusiastic developers to join us.

Take a look at our jobs page for more details.

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