More awesome apps touchdown in our gallery – check them out!

We’ve recently posted a whole host of awesome new mobile and web apps in the CloudMade App Gallery, if you haven’t seen them yet, then here they are. All these apps have been created with our innovative CloudMade tools and APIs. Check them out below and then why not take our tools and APIs for test drive yourself here.

Fans of various outdoor activities will find Scout, a very useful navigation app for the iPhone. With Scout you can make use of topographic maps for hiking adventures or check out your training data with the integrated speedometer, or use it for cycling and other activities to record your route for subsequent analysis.  CloudMade services used to create the app include: Geocoding, Map Tiles, Static Maps, and Style Editor to ensure the best quality user experience.


“CloudMade is the best supplier of data for OpenStreetMap. We like their tools and services a lot. They comply with our high standards.” – Joerg NesteleMagicMaps


Finding a place a place to live is not an easy decision.  If this is you and you live in London in the UK, then another CloudMade-powered app, Where Can I Live is just what you need. This web service is for people looking for an affordable home with an acceptable commuting distance to work. You can specify criteria such as maximum travel time, number of bedrooms and maximum price and you’ll get suggestions for properties that suit your needs displayed on a beautifully styled and convenient to use map, created with the help of CloudMade’s Style Editor.


“The Style Editor allowed us to match the map color scheme to our brand, disable unimportant map features, while highlighting others.” – M. MettenLokku Ltd

Small businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers who cannot afford the money and time associated with traditional market research, should really get acquainted with Ask Your Target Market (AYTM)– an online, self-service market research web application with a built-in U.S. consumer panel. AYTM uses CloudMade Web Maps API and Style Editor to integrate maps into its service.


“We are thrilled with the elegance of the CloudMade maps platform. It allowed us to customize the maps to blend right in with the overall experience of our app.” - Lev

Polymaps, is hot off the press and now featured in our App Gallery. It has already gained huge popularity among the developers making interactive maps in web browsers. It’s a free JavaScript library that provides speedy display of multi-resolution geographic datasets with powerful dynamic styling through CSS and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). Polymaps can load both image and vector data at a full range of scales and is ideal for showing information from country level on down to states, cities, neighborhoods, and individual streets.


“CloudMade is the natural choice for integrating OpenStreetMap, thanks to flexible styling, realtime provisioning and friendly licensing.” – Michael Bostock, Stanford University

Living in the UK and looking for a good school to send your child to? Look no further than Schoolscope, an honest, independent, straightforward guide to how your local schools are getting on. The web site takes official Government-backed information about state schools in England and try to tease out something interesting from the dry tables of statistics – how well kids perform at school, how happy they are there. Schoolscope takes all that information and presents it in clear English, and understandable smiling faces. Its maps our powered by CloudMade’s Style Editor and Web Maps API.


“Maps are a key part of Schooloscope’s identity. CloudMade Custom Map Styles gave us the flexibility and integration options we needed.” - Tom ArmitageBERG

These are just a few examples of how CloudMade is helping developers around the world create really outstanding products. We’ll be bringing your more next month so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out our App Gallery for more cool apps powered by CloudMade.

All our services and tools are free so why not get coding and see what cool apps you can come up with.   Simply sign up for a developer account here, and start building the next best-selling location app today.

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