CloudMade Takes Top Accolade at Mobile Premier Awards at Mobile World Congress

Nick with the Jury's Mobile Premier Award for Best Emerging Star

Tonight we were selected by a jury of prominent mobile industry leaders for the most prestigious accolade the mobile industry has to offer, Best Emerging Startup at the Mobile Premier Awards.

At a large event this evening at the Palau de la Musica in Barcelona, Nick Black, Co-founder & Head of Products at CloudMade, took to the stage to present CloudMade’s unique offering for mobile or web developers wishing to create and monetize compelling, best selling mobile applications and web sites. 600 companies from across the globe were in the running for this year’s awards, which recognize talented companies from the best grassroot startups.

Commenting on the win Nick said, “It’s a great honor to be recognized by the mobile industry elite as the Best Emerging Startup. We had formidable competitors which makes this award an even greater achievement. We’d like to thank the Silicon Valley Chapter of Mobile Monday for nominating us, our talented developer community which is so vital to the success of our company and the organizers of the awards themselves, for putting on an outstanding contest.”

CloudMade’s comprehensive and flexible mapping platform has been built from the ground up with the needs of mobile and web developers in mind. It empowers mobile and web developers by giving them the freedom to create and monetize exactly the type of apps they envision, and allows handset vendors and operators to take control of their own destiny by giving them a key control point to create successful consumer applications that blend maps, navigation, advertising, and local search.

The jury was made up of a number of industry heavyweights including: Daniel Appelquist, Senior Technology Strategist with Vodafone Group Research & Development, Richard Wong, Partner Accel Partners and AdMob Board Member, Inmaculada Martinez, President of Stradbroke Advisors, and David Wood, Principal at Delta Wisdom and co-founder of Symbian.

For more information about the Mobile Premier Awards visit :

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If you’re at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Let’s meet up!


CloudMade is going to have a busy MWC, we’re meeting with press, developers, partners, investors and if you’re game,  you too! If you’d like to meet us come along to one of the below events or if you’re a developer why not come to one of our Developer Drop-In sessions we’re running daily where you can enjoy a coffee and pose your questions to our developer team.  CloudMade will have a table in the restaurant ‘Buffet – R2′ which is located here:


To reach the CloudMade table at MWC:First, enter the courtyard between building 1,2,4 and 5. Then, head out of the courtyard towards the area between building 1 and 2. Look for the place called “Restaurant Buffet”

Or if you are a FourSquare user? Get an impromptu meeting by searching for one of the team:

Sunday, 14 February
19:00– late  - Mobile Sunday – Come and socialize before the big event at the Mobile Sunday drinks evening. You’ll be able to recognize us from our CloudMade name tags and badges

Monday, 15 February
14.30-20:00 – Mobile Premier Awards – We’re presenting as a finalist but still want to catch up with as many people as we can after or during the event, so please come talk to use we’ll be wearing badges
11-12:30  - Developer Drop-In

Tuesday, 16 February
16-17:30 – Developer Drop-In

Wednesday, 17 February
16-17:30 – Developer Drop-In

Thursday, 18 February
11:00– 15:30 – WIPJam @ MWC – ‘Getting Cool Content from the Cloud’ (location: App Planet Auditorium (Hall 7))
16-17:30 – Developer Drop-In

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Ten Questions with Zsombor Szabo

Zsombor SzaboThis month we interview Zsombor Szabo from IZE. Zsombor has developed OpenMaps for iPhone using CloudMade tools. The CloudMade Coder caught up with him to find out more.

Tell us about your company or application(s)

My partner, Csongor Nemes, and I founded IZE in September 2008. We’re both enthusiastic about making the world a better place like other entrepreneurs. Having graduated with engineering degrees we both believed we had the skills to do that. Since then we delivered a really compelling application called OpenMaps.


OpenMaps for iPhone is a fast and easy to use map application that uses open map data from It’s intended to be used as a general-purpose map application, offering features such as: downloadable maps, navigation for car, pedestrian and cyclists and local search. We predict OSM will soon be the de facto map used by people around the world and so our goal is to make OpenMaps the best OSM application available.

How has CloudMade helped your development process? Which tools did you use?

We use two of CloudMade’s web services: CustomMap Tiles and Routing in OpenMaps. The custom map tiles gives users an option to view the OSM map in a different style if they aren’t satisfied with the default one. The Routing gives navigation data with turn-by-turn route instructions which OpenMaps displays elegantly to the user.

What new CloudMade products really excite you?

The soon to be released location based advertising service is on the top of my list. I am curious to find out exactly how it will work, what exact business model it will use and of course what the revenue sharing percentages will be.

The second is the forthcoming freeform search. Search is crucial for a data service to be successful. What is the point of having data if it can’t be searched properly? I applaud CloudMade for innovating with freeform search.

What impact do you think location based advertising will have on independent developers like you?

It wouldn’t be a wise decision to pass on that revenue stream in my opinion. Analysts predict it will be huge. I have the same opinion.

What do you think the next big thing will be in geo-enabled apps?

I honestly don’t know, but we have a bet on what it could be. We are building it now and it will be available as a feature in OpenMaps but we don’t want to talk about it until we will release it.

What will be bigger iPhone or Nexus?

I don’t think Nexus will be bigger than the iPhone. Maybe another Android handset.

Any tips for submitting apps to Apple or Google?

Yes. Follow Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and be sure to handle Location Services Denied errors if you are submitting an app that uses the device’s location services.

What developer publications / blogs / Tweeters do you read / follow?

I am @zssz on twitter and I follow some Mac nerds and devs too. Usually they inform me about new and noteworthy stuff that I need to know about in the Mac scene. Here are a few examples: @pilky @fraserspeirs @mattgemmell @nikf @mdhughes @ericasadun @iamleeg @thekarladam @bbum @scottstevenson @majicdave @joericioppo @wilshipley @alanQuatermain @ravenme @SteveStreza @mzarra @iTod @jeff_lamarche

What advice would you give other developers looking to emulate your success?

Be ambitious and strive for perfection.

Where does your company go from here?

The next big version of OpenMaps will include basic OSM editing. We are very excited about this. Imagine how cool it would be to be able to edit OpenStreetMap while on the go, modifying a bar’s tags while at that bar.

We have other big features planned too for OpenMaps and one of them is the reason we made the application in the first place. We’ve been developing it for over ~1.5 years now. Unfortunately I can’t reveal any more about it at this time. Only that it is coming and it will be BIG.

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