Upcoming London Events: MiniBar June, GeoMob, London iPhone Developers Group

There are a load of great events happening over the next few weeks. Here are some highlights:

MiniBar June – Friday 26th June 2009

London’s favorite Friday tech meetup, MiniBar, returns to the Truman Brewery this Friday. A great way to unwind after a long, hot week.

GeoMob – 30th June 2009

GeoMob is a relatively new event that has picked up an impressive follow amongst London geo and mobile developers. This month’s event is being hosted by the British Computer Society and features talks on mobile advertising from AdFonic and local search from Spoonfed. Needless to say, the CloudMade team will be there en-masse

iPhone Developers’ Group – London and South-East

If you missed WWDC and want to find out what all the fuss is about, the July 8th meeting of the London and South East iPhone Developers’ Group is not to be missed. CloudMade will be talking about the abilities and limitations of MapKit, CoreLocation and our own iPhone Maps Library.

To hear more about upcoming CloudMade events, follow CloudMade and Nick on twitter.

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Fly Through Berlin

CloudMade partners, Cartotype have produced this nice animation that shows a fly-through of Berlin. Cartotype produce a range of libraries that render maps across different mobile platforms:

Cartotype have been experimenting with CloudMade’s Vector Server which can stream map data to any connected device where it can be rendered on the fly. There’s a lot of new features planned for the vector server, including multiple outputs formats (XML, JSON, OSM) and a fully featured API that will let you select which parts of the map data are returned to the client.

If you like what you see from Cartotype, you can hear them talk at the State of the Map conference which is being held from the 10th – 12th July 2009 in Amsterdam. Click here for more details.

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How To Get Forward Geocoding in iPhone MapKit

The CoreLocation and MapKit sessions at WWDC yesterday gave an insight to some of the powerful technology that the iPhone OS 3.0 and iPhone 3G S will bring to application developers. The new compass and enhanced accelerometer support that the combination of new hardware and software bring were a big hit with the WWDC crowd. The incomplete feature sets around MapKit were less of a hit.

MapKit seeks to be a very well implemented iPhone mapping library, that lets developers add Google maps to their iPhone applications as well as perform reverse geocoding. Sadly for iPhone developers, the fun stops with reverse geocoding. Forward geocoding (the process of turning an address into a latitude and longitude) is not available in MapKit. The reasons for this lie in complex licensing agreements between Apple, Google and TomTom (who own all of the map data that Google and Apple use). CloudMade will help you avoid the complexity.

iPhone Developers at WWDC were urged to use external geocoding services by the iPhone engineering team. CloudMade’s geocoding service fits the bill perfectly. iPhone developers can integrate CloudMade’s geocoding web-services directly into their MapKit applications, without worrying about breaking and terms of service.

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CloudMade WWDC iPhone Developer Party

Last night’s iPhone Developer Party was a huge success – with around 200 developers joining the CloudMade team to celebrate the inauguration of the “CloudMade Developer Award”. The Spring award went to Felix Lamouroux, creator of the smash hit iPhone applications Trails and OffMaps.

Felix Lamouroux, creator of Trails and OffMaps received the inaugural CloudMade Developer Award

OffMaps up-close. OffMaps lets you view CloudMade maps offline – never be stuck without a map in a foreign city again

The crowd gather in Swig, San Francisco to hear about CloudMade’s newly released iPhone libraries

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iPhone Developer VIP Party – June 10th 9.30pm San Francisco

Tonight CloudMade is excited to sponsor the iPhone Developer VIP Party at Swig bar in San Francisco.  Doors open at 9.30 and we expect a full house!

CloudMade has been active at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference this week, engaging with iPhone developers who are creating the next great mapping and location-aware applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.   Tonight we’re looking forward to talking with many of you one-on-one to discuss your vision on the future of location-aware apps.  We also want to find out what features you’d like to see on the iPhone, web and other mobile platforms.  Over a Maptini, of course!

Starting with our rich, crowd-sourced maps, CloudMade gives iPhone developers an easier way to build more immersive mapping applications than Apple’s MapKit.   Developers will find our suite of iPhone supported Libraries gives you easy access to CloudMade services while supporting a number of unique features like vector data and MapSafe location management service.  CloudMade’s non-restrictive licensing even allows for advanced services such as routing, geocoding or tracking functionality – without having to call a lawyer or break the bank.

So if you’re a developer looking for better ways to incorporate maps and location into your app, sign up for a API key at CloudMade’s Developer Zone and get started today.  Adding customized CloudMade maps will delight your users and make your app stand-out from the crowd!

CloudMade iPhone Routing

For mapping success on the iPhone and iPod Touch, just add:

  • Crowd-Sourced Maps
  • CloudMade Geo APIs
  • Your Cool Application

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