Geo Industry Veteran Marc Prioleau Joins CloudMade as CEO

We’re excited to announce that geo industry veteran Marc Prioleau has joined CloudMade as CEO. Marc brings a wealth of industry experience to the CloudMade team, joining us from deCarta, where he was on the team that created a successful geo business serving developers, device manufactures and mobile network operators.

Marc Prioleau
Marc Prioleau, CEO, CloudMade

Just a short month ago, we launched the CloudMade platform to mobile and web developers. Since then we’ve signed up over 2,000 developers who are building a huge variety of applications including navigation, restaurant finders, real-estate portals, social networking sites and enterprise solutions.

For example the British newspaper, The Guardian recently launched a new site built using CloudMade mapping and geo services that lets users add news articles to the map. Users of Apple’s popular App Store can choose from several iPhone applications built using CloudMade’s platform, including the popular Trails hiking and walking application.

With Marc on board, you can expect even more, even bigger things to come from CloudMade.

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New OSM db server “smaug” – First Pics!

Let’s cut to the chase – you all want to see pictures of the new OpenStreetMap core database server, and here it is:

Smaug - the new OSM DB server

It’s got blue LEDs on the front. It must be good.

For the techies amongst us, you’ll probably want to know some juicy specs – 2 Quad Core Intel Xeon E5420 processors, 32 Gigabytes of DDR2 RAM, 10 450Gb 15k SAS disks for the database (and another 2 73Gb disks for the operating system). All in all, a worthy machine to sit at the heart of OpenStreetMap, storing all the geodata and powering all kinds of things. You can see more pictures of the machine as it was being unboxed.

Thanks go of course to everyone who contributed to the recent OpenStreetMap foundation donation drive, and we can’t wait to see it up and running with the next version of the OSM API in a few weeks time. Once Matt has finished deafening everyone in the CloudMade London Office (as he “tries it out”) it’ll be moved to its permanent home in UCL to join the rest of the OSM servers.

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Three New Style Editor Basemaps

Nick blogged previously regarding three of our signature map styles – “Pale Dawn”, “Midnight Commander” and “Fresh” – that we launched along with our Developer Programme last month. Today we’re pleased to announce that all three styles are now available for customization in our Style Editor.

Our Style Editor lets you tweak, change and configure the cartography of our maps to suit your needs. Perhaps you, as I do, love the Pale Dawn style as originally created by Stamen Design, but want to see if it looks better with a bit more emphasis on parks and public transport? So I fired up the Style Editor, and a few clicks later had this attempt – “Fair Sunrise”:

Fair Sunrise Map Style

We’re always interested in what creative things you can make with our tools, so if you’ve made a style that you’re proud of please share a link in our comments. I’ll let you decide for yourself whether you think “Fair Sunrise” is an improvement!

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CloudMade at the Mobile Jam Session, CTIA

If you’re a developer attending CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas next week (April 1-3), you should set Thursday 2nd aside and take part in the Mobile Jam Session.

Mobile Jam Sessions give developers a chance to talk, debate and share ideas in a fast paced, challenging environment. They fuse the freedom of expression found at “un-conferences” like Bar Camps, or the awesome Where Camp with a topical set of discussion topics lead by industry experts. If you are developing mobile applications this is a great chance to hear the latest and greatest from the people building the handsets, networks and developer tools, as well as catch up with other like-minded developers.

I (Nick) will be leading a discussion about adding social and locative information to applications. We’ll be talking about the apps and approaches that have worked and seeing what we can learn from past successes as well as failures. We’ll also be exploring the different sources of map data that are out there for developers – particularly useful given Apple’s recent announcement telling developers to “bring your own maps” to iPhone applications.

If you want to add location to your mobile app, but don’t know where to start, help will be at hand. Even seasoned geo-pros will discover new, useful information and contacts.

The event is free to attend, and you can sign-up here.

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Bring CloudMade Maps to Your iPhone Application

If you’re looking for maps to add to your iPhone application you’re in the right place.

CloudMade’s iPhone Maps Library is an open source library that gives application developers everything you need to create great navigation applications on the iPhone.  You don’t need to wait any longer to add turn-by-turn navigation for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

The iPhone Maps Library is part of a suite of CloudMade APIs and tools that give developers access to regularly updated crowd-sourced maps.  Give your users a unique experience – take control of the look and feel of your application and create richer, more interactive experiences.

The iPhone Maps Library integrates with other CloudMade tools including Style Editor, a web based tool that gives access to a variety of professionally designed map styles, which you can customize to fit your application’s specific purpose.

The are several applications in the App Store that already use CloudMade’s maps, with many more in the pipline

Trails - iPhone App Store

Trails – Relive your greatest biking, hiking and walking
moments and share them with your friends; Trails lets
you view your activities on a choice of different
CloudMade maps.

The main features of CloudMade’s Map Library are:

  • Quick development time with easy to follow examples
  • Mapping framework & controls
  • Custom tile serving
  • Geocoding
  • Routing service via vehicle, pedestrian and cycle
  • Integration with iPhone Location API

WorldView Live - iPhone App Store

WorldView Live – If the view out of your window isn’t
exotic enough WorldView Live is the app for you; This
great application lets you view live webcams from all
around the world.

CloudMade’s iPhone Maps Library provides developers with a real alternative to standard mapping on the iPhone.  This, combined with the ability to let consumers bring their custom maps across with them – across desktop, mobile and web – make for a compelling end user experience.

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CloudMade #GeoMob and Minibar – The Perfect Combination

If you are in London on Friday 27th March and you aren’t going to MiniBar, you should re-think your plans!

MiniBar is the perfect end of week meet-up for anyone working in technology, new media or start-ups in the London Area. The tech meet-up event like no-other, MiniBar is held in the old Truman Brewery where you can sip on beer (free to early arrivals) and cocktails whilst discussing the latest trends in the London tech scene.

This month’s MiniBar is a Location special, brought to by CloudMade and #GeoMob. The line up includes:

Entry to the event is free, but you need to RSVP here.

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