(Nearly) Live Tiles

Waiting to see your edits is boring. Worse than that, it delays the sense of satisfaction that comes with seeing your contributions and reduces the addictiveness of mapping.

At CloudMade, we’ve been running prototype (nearly) live updating tile servers internally for a while, but we thought it would be nice to share these with the community. This sandbox tile server is updated from the minute diffs and runs approximately 10 minutes behind the main database, due to the time necessary to dump the diffs, download and import them. You can see the results here by switching back and forth between the minutely layer and the weekly layer. (Thanks to Shaun for the continuous stream of edits!)

If you’re looking at an area and you think that it should be updated, try hitting the permalink and refreshing a few times, as your browser may be showing you cached tiles.

Please feel free to use these tiles, but remember that this is an experimental sandbox – please don’t download tiles in bulk. The server will be slow under high load so, please, if you see a warning message then come back a few minutes later.


January 23rd, 2009 - Posted by Matt Amos in openstreetmap |