Developer Watch – CloudMade Maps in your API

There are a lot of mapping APIs out there giving developers a lot of choice. Some are simple and lightweight, like our Web Maps Lite and some are incredibly fully featured, like the awesome OpenLayers. The image below is a screenshot from John McKerrell’s maps page, which uses MultiMap’s Open API to display several different layers, including our standard web, mobile and no-names layers. Click on the image below to take a look for yourself.

CloudMade Maps in the Multimap Open API

Its great to see developers like John mixing and matching layers like this – its exactly what we had in mind when we started to put together our tile server. We want to help OpenStreetMap’s goal of letting people do interesting and unexpected things with map data. So long as you respect the terms of OpenStreetMap’s CC-by-SA license and attribute CloudMade when you use our maps, you can use our tiles in any web, mobile or desktop client.

If you do something cool with CloudMade maps, let us know.

August 5th, 2008 - Posted by Nick Black in api, openstreetmap