San Francisco Bay Area Developers’ Evening

Our first developers’ evening will be held at 18.30pm on the the 31st July at our Menlo Park offices. Anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area who has an interest in location aware applications, mapping, GPS and free data is invited to attend the event, which is guaranteed to include insight, intrigue, sneak-previews and free pizza.

OpenStreetMap and CloudMade founder, Steve Coast, will share his insights into the world of collaborative map making, talking about why the world needs free and open geodata, why traditional models of map making are not cut out for a world where maps form a core part of everyday life. You’ll hear how your applications can benefit from the rich map data that OpenStreetMap has to offer.

From mobile phones, to satellite navigation, from mashups to social networks – maps are everywhere. Yet most of the maps we use each day are owned by two companies – Tom-Tom and Nokia. We think that maps are too important to be controlled by a handful of governments and companies. Everyday tens of thousands of OpenStreetMap volunteers around the world are helping to liberate map data by making maps which can be used free of charge by anyone, anywhere in the world for almost any use you can imagine.

By packaging OpenStreetMap data into a set of high quality, professional products and services, CloudMade are shaking up the existing market place. CloudMade co-founder, Nick Black, will talk about their existing APIs which allow developers to embed high quality maps in web and mobile applications as well as talking about future plans for some exciting new APIs and services.

Developers will have the opportunity to talk to the CloudMade team who will be on hand to answer questions about their current and future plans over a slice of pizza and a drink.

Registration for this event is free. To register, click here.

For more information, email

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CloudMade Release Isle of Man Dataset to OpenStreetMap

We’ve been in Limerick, Ireland for The State of The Map, the OpenStreetMap conference where we took the opportunity to announce the release of a complete mapping dataset of the Isle of Man to OpenStreetMap.

The dataset was collected by CloudMade in late 2007 using all of the tools and processes used by OpenStreetMap mappers. The team, made up of CloudMade founders Steve Coast and Nick Black along with long-term OSM contributor, Andy Robinson, drove and cycled every road on the Isle of Man, recording their movements with cheap, consumer grade GPS units whilst taking photos of street signs with digital cameras.

The finished map

Donating the Isle of Man data to OpenStreetMap is the completion of a cycle for us. We set out to prove that it was possible for three guys with bicycles and GPS units using OpenStreetMap’s software, to do what the Ordnance Survey or TeleAtlas do, but at a fraction of the cost. If I wanted to make a map, I would use OpenStreetMap’s software. If I wanted to make a better map, I’d give it to the OpenStreetMap community and let them maintain it. The real test will be to come back in 6 months and see how many footpaths and new housing estates have been added to the map.

Detailed view of Peel, a city on the west coast of the Island which shows the street network as well as a selection of points of interest.

The dataset is significant for a few reasons. The Isle of Man will become the second country to be completely mapped in OSM, following the donation of the complete Netherlands road network to OSM by Dutch map makers AND. Secondly, the Isle of Man has been overlooked in the past by most online map providers, who do not consider the small nation to be a high priority.

The import process is being managed by OSMer Dan Karran and we expect it to be a few weeks until the data is available in OSM. In the mean time, you can get a sneak preview over here.

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Developer Watch – CloudMade Mobile Maps Available via Umap Flash/Flex Component

Its always great to hear about our maps being used in the wild. Advanced Flash Components are a Colorado based software house who specialise in Flash/Flex components. Today they added support for CloudMade’s Mobile Maps API to their UMap library:

Click on the image to read more

AFC have got some great technology and we’re looking forward to working with them on more projects in the near future. If you need mobile Flash maps, check out AFC right away.

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