Garmin OpenStreetMap GPS Map Downloads

We’ve just launched a new area of our site – – which hosts various maps for most countries of the world including OpenStreetMap XML, Osmosis country boundaries and Garmin GPS maps, all available for free download. We’re particularly excited about the Garmin GPS maps, which have been specially designed to highlight errors and omissions in OpenStreetMap maps by drawing attention to roads that do not have names. The maps are targeted at OpenStreetMap mappers – we hope that it will make mapping in busy urban areas a little bit easier.

All of the files at are free and are provided under OpenStreetMap’s Creative-Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.0 License.

The maps were made using Steve Radcliffe’s Mkgmap utility which takes OSM data and outputs a Garmin file in combination with some perl scripts written by OSM’s Richard Fairhurst. So big thanks to Richard, Steve and of course to the whole OSM community. The glue on CloudMade’s side was done by Andy Allan who came up with the idea of Garmin GPS maps that highlight errors in OSM data. Andy modified some existing OSM tools, which can all be found here. Andy’s going to post some more thoughts about the process to the CloudMade dev list – so sign up to find out more.

The maps are created from the latest OSM data we have and will updated every Thursday – all of the files have bookmarkable names so you can easily get hold of teh latest maps.

Head over to and see what you can do with the maps.

June 26th, 2008 - Posted by Nick Black in openstreetmap

Product Blog – Two New pre-Alpha APIs from CloudMade

Last week we took the covers off our new CloudMade website – if you haven’t had a look already, head over to and see for yourself.

We also released two new APIs as pre-Alpha services: the Web Maps API and the Mobile Maps API. Right now these services are targeted at developers who want to get their hands on the very latest things we have to offer. Both APIs are accessed by directly calling our tile server, though the observant amongst you will probably have noticed slippy maps present on lots of our pages. We’ll be releasing documentation for the slippy map API shortly, so watch this space.

Web Carto Sample Berlin1

We’re particularly excited about the Mobile Maps API, which gives developers access to a set of tiles which we’ve started to optimize for mobile use. By reducing the tile size to 64×64 pixels (rather than the usual 256×256) and simplifying the cartography we’re keeping tile sizes down to around 2-3kB. This is a first pass and we hope to get the sizes down even more to help mobile applications save on costly bandwidth and enhance user experience.

Mobile Carto Sample SF1

Because both these services are built on top of OpenStreetMap data you can use them in almost any way you like. Most other online map providers don’t let you use their maps in mobile devices or for real time routing or tracking or outside of their own APIs, for example. We want you to use CloudMade maps for the coolest things you can think of.

We’ve also got a developers mailing list which you can sign up to here.

Both images based on map data created by contributors and licensed CCBYSA.

June 4th, 2008 - Posted by Nick Black in api, geodata, news, products