OpenStreetMap Grants

Tired of waiting for Google Summer of Code? Join Cloud Made’s year of mapping.

We want to make OpenStreetMap better and we want you to be involved UPDATE – this is worldwide, you don’t have to be from the UK. From now on anyone can apply to Cloud Made for an OpenStreetMap Grant. You can apply for grants of £100 – £1000+ to support useful, interesting or innovative work around OpenStreetMap. This could be anything from squashing OSM’s 10 most annoying bugs to mapping an entire city to writing a new mapping client – the choice is yours. Here are some ideas:

  • Map somewhere – You need some funds to support a mapping expedition to Monmouthshire or even further afield.
  • Build your OSM community – Live in a town or country that’s hardly been mapped? You can apply for a grant to help cover the costs of running a mapping party – promoting it, buying GPS units and providing lunch for hungry mappers.
  • Pledge to fix some bugs – Pledge to fix 10 big bugs in 10 days and claim a reward.

This should give you some ideas. The grants are available immediately, to everyone. Judging and awarding of grants is solely at the discretion of Cloud Made Limited, however advice may be taken from leading OSMers and those on the OSM mailing lists. To apply, email

March 17th, 2008 - Posted by Nick Black in geodata, openstreetmap |