Mappam Launch – Location based advertising is here

This morning, ZXV Ltd launched Mappam, a new location based advertising service that makes it easy to put your ads on the map.

As an advertiser, you can visit and place an advert, upload an icon to represent your ad and chose the price-per-click. You only pay when Mappam redirects someone to your site. As a host, you can add Mappam adverts to your site with one line of Javascript. Mappam ads appear as small 16×16 pixel icons on your map – taking up far less space than traditional banner ads and providing information that is relevant the context of the map your visitors are looking at. Head over to and take a look, or visit our blog for more details.

Mappam has been developed exclusively by ZXV Ltd, using a range of technologies. The site is powered by the Ruby on Rails web-development framework with a MySQL database running on Ubuntu Linux. Hosting is provided by AWS’s EC2 and S3 with an Ubuntu/Rails image provided by Paul Dowman.

ZXV Ltd continue to offer a range of software development consultancy services. See our consulting page to find out more.

June 29th, 2007 - Posted by in events

MiniBar / WhereCamp Slides

Here are the slides to accompany the presentaion given at MiniBar on the 25th May. We gave a similar version of the presentation as a lightening talk at WhereCamp, in Sunnyvale CA on the 2nd June. Enjoy!

June 8th, 2007 - Posted by in api, talks, technologies